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Small Cat... Big Air... 


Anyone see my favorite toy? It's long and looks a lot like this one. I think my humans are hiding it from me.


Name: My registered name is Emerald Blues Ruth, but you can call me Zelda

Breed: Russian Blue

Birthdate: April 12, 2005 

Place of Birth: Emerald Blues Cattery


Favorite treats?: Bonito flakes or Raw Advantage turkey; maybe some wheatgrass and catnip. Don't forget greenies!

Fish or fowl?: Oh I wish I had a fishy from the ocean...

Recommended kitten food?: My humans primarily feed me Royal Canin crunchies, but at night I also get small bites of New England Broil (yummy Lobster!) or Ocean Breeze

Favorite Activities?: Catching feather toys, jumping up to impossibly high perches, napping in front of the living room window, jumping on keyboards, attacking knitting works in progress, eating, playing with rattle mice, and outwitting my humans.


One of the first things you might notice about me is my beautiful fur. I'm uniquely double-couted, a soft blue-grey with silver tips. No you can't have it! Of course, I've also been told that my eyes are very striking.  I love to play games and grow bored easily if it weren't for all of the nooks and crannies to explore and toys provided for me.




If you want to know more about Russian Blues, I suggest you do your own research.